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At Myo-Trig, we offer a wide range of portable massage guns online. Our massage guns have been custom designed by Australia’s leading designers and engineers featuring the latest technology to make it last a lifetime and exceed any other massage gun in the market.

Experience Reenergised and Relaxed Muscles

Looking for the best way to relax your sore muscles without burning a hole in your pocket? Need a permanent cost-effective replacement for expensive massage therapy? Myo-Trig provides you with affordable muscle recovery massage guns that help you recover quickly and perform better. 

Jump into your next workout without tightness. Our massager machines are loved by professional runners, rugby players, weightlifters, and many others.

Free Shipping to Australia and NZ!
Free Shipping to Australia and NZ!

 Massage gun shipping is FREE to Australia and New Zealand! If you're in Australia and want your Myo-Trig sooner, you can select optional express shipping

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Myo-Trig Performance Therapy Kits and handheld massage guns come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy it with confidence

Massage Gun Features

A revolutionary portable percussive massage gun.

Myo-Trig Performance Therapy Kit
  • 22mm Stroke Length

    The deepest massager on the market

  • Adjustable Arm

    Three-arm positions for ease of use

  • Lock-On Trigger

    No need to hold down the trigger during use

  • Variable Speed

    Select speeds ranging from 900 to 2400 bpm



Using frequencies and vibrations for a deep tissue massage like no other. Our portable massage gun helps increase blood flow to the targeted areas that help speed up the recovery process!

Myo-Trig Performance Therapy Kit


Used for muscle activation pre-training to help raise your performance levels!

muscle activation pre-training


Relieve muscle fatigue, pain and soreness. Increase your body's relaxation and restore your body’s health!

Relieve muscle fatigue


Our massage gun helps you alleviate muscle tension, increase mobility, decrease stiffness, ease tightness and allow for increased range of motion.

Eases tightness & increases mobility

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