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How The NSW Blues Used This Device To Win The State Of Origin 2019!

In what was a truly remarkable game for the NSW Blues, the question needs to be asked - what gave the Blues their edge in last night's epic victory?

Meet the Myo-Trig, the NSW Blues' secret recovery weapon used both on and off the field, in training and during games. 

Having first been introduced to Myo-Trig Deep Tissue Massage Gun prior to Game 2, the players and medical staff first utilised the breakthrough treatment for soft tissue as their means of reducing muscle fatigue & soreness, the NSW Blues weren’t taking any chances when it came to Game 3.



With no time to waste and with a crucial game to win, the NSW Blues extensively used the Myo-Trig to not only relax and repair fatigued muscles, but to also increase athletic performance levels. This is becoming increasingly popular amongst many sporting teams across the country.

The Myo-Trig may not look like your typical massage tool or recovery device. In fact it looks more like a power tool than anything, but when in the right hands & applied to tight muscles the Myo-Trig instantly WOWS users by effectively loosening muscles and increasing performance levels as displayed by James Tedesco’s series winning try and award winning efforts!

The best thing about the Myo-Trig or Percussive Massage Therapy is the non-painful stimulus that suppresses the feeling of muscle aches and fatigue. The brain is unable to register any pain due to the deep, concentrated and rapid pulses that reach speeds of up to 40 bpm. With percussions that fast, you don’t feel the pain as the brain can’t keep up!

You may not be able to produce a match winning try assist like Blake Ferguson or score a match-winning try like James Tedesco, but you CAN significantly reduce your muscle pain and increase your performance levels just like them!

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The Secret Tool The Sydney Swans Use For Recovery FINALLY Revealed

Traditionally, becoming a better athlete has always been about getting fitter, training harder and eating better. Performance has always been moulded by the philosophy “no pain, no gain” and a strict diet and training regiment, even for individuals who train recreationally. 

Only recently however, advances in science and technology have helped us understand more our capacity to perform better with more sleep and, more than anything, have taught us the importance that recovery plays in maximising our athletic potential. 

We are starting to see professional athletes and teams make use of some of these innovative tools and systems, everything from Cryotherapy, Compression Boots & Float Tanks. Most notably, professional Australian Rules Football Club, Sydney Swans, have been seen on and off the field utilising the very latest in breakthrough treatment for soft tissue, our very own Myo-Trig Percussion Massage Gun as their means of muscle recovery.


Muscle Recovery has now become an integral part of week-to-week athletic performance and training for the Sydney Swans. Much attention is placed on ensuring the team are maximizing blood circulation and tenderizing the muscles after intense training and competition.

With the use of Myo-Trig, a portable & light weight percussion massage tool, The Sydney Swans are able to accelerate and enhance the repair of muscle fibers due to its rapid bursts of pressure and deep pulses into the tissues of the body.

Are you looking to increase your performance? Do you want to significantly reduce the amount of time your body needs to recover? Or do you simply just want to feel good? Check out what our MyoTrig Massage Gun can do for you by clicking here.