The importance recovery plays can be heavily understated when it comes to rugby – both on an amatuer and professional level. In what is an incredibly demanding game, players are repeatedly taking explosive, maximum power blows to all parts of the body with very little padding or protective gear.

Whilst traditional means of recovery programs have always assisted players, more attention and focus needs to be given to the post-game three to four hour window where players can gain the most benefit from an effective recovery technique. And this is why professional footy players like Cameron Smith, Charnz Nicoll-Klokstad, Josh Papalii and Latrell Mitchell (just to name a few) have all opted for Myo-Trig

Anyone who has used the Myo-Trig therapy gun knows that the device is a pure gem. It is designed to stimulate athletic performance and equally boost muscle recovery through percussive therapy.

Myo-Trig has different speed variations that could be switched depending on the intensity of the treatment with as low as 900 beats per minute and as high as 2400bpm. What’s more, it can be used for up to an hour for high intense treatment. With three arm positions, Myo-Trig gives endless possibilities to the user, depending on how they want to use the device.

This high-amplitude neuromuscular device is designed to vigorously work on deep tissue muscles allowing oxygen flow and blood circulation. This speeds up healing and recovery of muscle cramps and pain for athletes.

The device frees up tight muscles and disbands scar tissues which enhances movement. Athletes use Myo-Trig before competition and training to boost blood flow and in turn enhance their performance levels and mobility. The device is also applicable for post-competition treatment and therapy that helps alleviate muscle soreness and pain as well as fatigue. It also accelerates the recovery process and reduces lactic acid build up in the body.

Myo-Trig is an all-in-one percussion therapy treatment device that has been become indispensable to a lot of athletes. Even better, it is portable and you can have it anywhere, anytime you want it, and there is only one way to find out why it is a valuable asset for many athletes.

Myo-Trig continues to be affiliated with premium athletes as their main source/product for recovery, find out why they choose Myo-Trig over other brands while stocks last! 


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